Naturaleza, Principalmente las Aves (Nature, mostly birds)


The day begins with Metro ride to the Born. Arrive early for Mary’s interview with the bike promoter and head off to a local park, Parc de la Cuitadella. We enter with large arboretum on our right and greenery all around. I realize how much I miss nature.

Boisterous birds sing, and I sight what looks like perhaps a Cockatiel perched in a tree? Can that be?

I take in the statues of rock specimens. Somehow I feel the earth differently in the city and these old friends bring me home.



I drop Mary off, and head back to the park in search of more solace with nature.

Down to the other end of the park, I run into Zoo de Barcelona. Perhaps this is the source of these unusual birds. I soon encounter more feathered friends on the path,  very tame allowing me to snap pictures as I approach.



We communicate. We connect.


Further along I encounter another green wonder with some type of tracking tag. Someone else wants to know why they are here. Although I am curious, I am mostly content to be in their presence.


On a final loop of the park, I am reminded of the Barcelona mythos of the dragon, as I pass by the Castle of the Dragons. IMG_2651


The dragon terrorized Montblanc and the patron saint, Saint George, defeated the dragon and is honored throughout the city.


One last round by these unlikely friends,


then back to another side of life, some art and


some curious details in the sidewalks.


Returning home I learn the green birds are Monk Parakeets, seen in various locations in Spain and other areas of Europe. They are a common site in Barcelona parks, often as commonplace as pigeons – but much more lovely.

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved

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