Transacción tipico con teléfonos-movil y fijo

Group trip to the mobile phone store wouldn’t be complete without the following:


1.  Lisa assisting explaining the pros and cons of each movil plan to younger teacher.

The mobile phone plans are named Ballena, Delphin, y Ardilla (whale, dolphin, squirrel). Absolutely no judgment from the marketing team on which plan is best. There is also “pay as you go,” which doesn’t even merit its own animal name.

Las Chicas choose La Canguro (kangaroo) for home land line (fijo), internet (internet), and movil (mobile). Except Mary’s phone is not ready for unlocking and US sim card removal, so she used it to take these pictures. Mary esta sin movil pero con camera malo!


2.  Repair work that involves removing and replacing ceiling tiles, fiddling with air conditioning unit, moving sales desk, cutting additional holes in ceiling tiles, and opening and shutting exterior metal security grate with no regard for customers who may be exiting the store.


3.  Repair work also involves staring at the street and analyzing the no-doubt-very-intricate tracks of the metal grate, while waiting for co-worker to return from a) getting tool b) getting cafe con leche or c) none of the above.


4.  The sole Spanish salesperson fleeing to the storeroom from the mob of 8 Americans to talk on her movil.


5.  Those without wi-fi at home taking advantage of the store’s free wi-fi during the salesperson’s movil break.


6. The ceremonially insertion of the old US sim card into waterproof plastic case.


7. Cute baby

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved

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