Poblenou and Olympic Village–Photos

On a recent beach bike ride, Mary took the inland path and discovered new parks, sculptures and 21st century architecture in the Vila Olympic and Poblenou districts. The bleakest building was the Barcelona Convention Center. Can you guess which one it is? Answer at the end of this post.

Tunnel vent or sculpture:


After I took the photos above and below, I said Hola to a City worker in his high-visibility lime vest. He spoke in Spanish and I understood one word “seca” so I knew he was lamenting that the flowers were dry. I went to my go-to Spanish word saying “Si, necesita mas LLUVIA.”









People about to walk under severe overhang:


Bicing bike rack by the beach:


During the 1992 Olympics, these poles flew the flags of all nations. Fun Olympic facts to go with funny sculpture:

Barcelona hosted the first Olympic Games in three decades without a boycott. Athletes from most of the new countries of the former Soviet Union competed as the “Unified Team” and for the first time since 1964, Germany competed as a unified country. South Africa also rejoined the Games having eliminated apartheid.


On the way back from the beach, I passed the statue of Verdaguer “the prince of Catalan poets” where Carrer de Marina meets Diagonal.


If this is branding, it’s lost on me:


Answer: Convention Center is the one with the crooked metal shell and metal/plastic public art. Connected to beach by cool pedestrian bridge.

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved

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