Walk to Commuter Train–Photos

Lisa walks to the metro station each morning, occasionally accompanied by Mary who is distracted by sensory overload along the way. Wafts of bakeries, smoked meats, overripe fruit; the splash of recently washed streets on her sandals; the buzz of motos; street art; and modern architecture gone bad. Las Chicas haven’t figured out how to transmit city scents through the blog, so here are some images. Join us on the first part of Lisa’s daily commute!


Store selling shoes made of recycled tires from Ethiopia.


Walking down a typical street in Gracia with Catalan flag and church tower in the distance.

Photos below show assorted marketing and random street art.



Translation of Catalan: Gracia will always reap results, we are born to win!

Note: Gracia in Catalan translates as Grace, which makes the slogan more poetic.




At the the plaza, the sky opens and we’re assaulted by a hodge-podge of glass and steel.


Semi-soulless building on the left, building in cage on the right.


Another building in a cage (watch for this one in a future post on bancos). Park closed due to Metro station renovation and expansion.


Thank you, people of Barcelona, for saving this 19th century building on an otherwise harsh plaza!


Sign marks metro station stairs with vaguely Turkish sculpture on roof across the street.


Mary returns to the heart of Gracia with its more pleasing architecture . . .


Chatting ladies . . .


and floriterias allegres.

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved

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