Louvre and Love – Paris Day 3

A long awaited dream for Lisa, wandering the Louvre was sublime.


The building is as magical as the art…


… dividing the space in such a way that one doesn’t immediately feel lost or overwhelmed by the collection of 35,000.


Originally a fortress built in the 12th century, the Palais du Louvre was converted into a museum in 1753. The Rotunde of Mars is one of the lovely remnants of Louvre as residence and the once summer apartment of Louis XIV’s mother, Anne of Austria.


The venutian beauty abounds with Venus de Milo, the Greek sculpture believed to be a depiction of Aphrodite and dated between 130 and 100 avante de JC.


Las Chicas and their gallant Paris tour guide, Troy, spend much of their visit among ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, such as Hermaphrodite…


and also enjoy the dwarf experience next to the Mesopotamian Statue of Gilgamesh holding a lion.


A few last “must see” stops. First to the Code of Hammunrabi, one of Mary’s top choices…


and finally …


… Lisa winds her way through the crowd for a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, mostly seen around camera lenses and and over people’s shoulders.


Las Chicas and Troy emerge from history and antiquities to the theater where Molière wrote and performed…


… and then onto a more contemporary Paris…


… including the bridge of locks, a popular spot for couples to declare their love by attaching a lock to the bridge with their initials or their names.



Rounding out the day’s sites with a visit to Notre Dame …


… catching a glimpse of the river bus …


… and then venturing back home to the French countryside to share the end of our Paris adventure evening with friends, new and old.


© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved

One response to “Louvre and Love – Paris Day 3

  1. Love, Love, Love Paris! What a wonderful birthday weekend! So great to read about your travels and see the beautiful photos!

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