Happy Halloween from Spain

In Barcelona, the real holiday is All Saints Day, November 1. Schools and businesses will be closed and people have been celebrating in a way unique to Barcelona and Catalunya. For the past few weeks we are eating panelletts, a seasonal treat with the best coming from local bakeries and the worst coming in cellophane at the local supermarket or even from DIY “kits” sold in the supermarket.


Covered in pine nuts with a lovely almond and lemon and sugar center–quite tasty. Mary’s favorite baker warned they will only be available for the rest of this week!

Now on to the frightening part of this post.

Scary disembodied parts with cloven hooves:



Oh wait, that’s just the typical leg of flesh available at the local butcher. And at certain tapas places, your meat is sliced off the sometimes furry leg right before your very eyes. Las Chicas do not partake.

In honor of the truly Spanish holiday, All Saints Day, and the American invasion holiday of Halloween, we present not-so-scary cats of Spain:

The Beach Cats of Calella de Palafrugell:





The Cats of Carrer de Asturies (our carrer):



Halloween colors with an evergreen nod to the start of the Christmas season.

Las Chicas are often distracted by the antics of the black and orange cats who roam around the 3rd and 4th floor balconies of the building across the street.

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day from Las Chicas!

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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