Costa Brava Photos: Calella de Palafrugell

Las Chicas are tardy with this photo collection from our mini-break to Costa Brava in early October. London gals Meg and Judy organized the long weekend excursion to a beautiful beach town about an hour and a half drive from Barcelona. The summer season was over, so the place seemed peaceful and perhaps more authentic.  Senior citizens swam in the sea and declared to each other “El mar es fantastico!” Old fishermen spent many hours chatting and fussing around their wooden boats in the late afternoon, then put out to sea at dusk. They fished in the cove all night.

When we went swimming, we saw schools of small fish swimming beneath us. The sea was chilly but the sun warmed our souls. Las Chicas went for a short walk along the coast trail,  GR-92: a Grande Randonnée that goes from France to southern Spain, marked with red and white. They saw a lighthouse from the 19th century and a watchtower from the 15th century.  Mary walked the opposite direction on GR-92, toward hidden coves and the unreal blue green color of the Mediterranean in the morning. Alas, Lisa couldn’t join her having taken the train back to school in the wee foggy hours of Monday morning.

View from hotel balcony:


View from high point in town:


View of hungry chicas:


Rainbow on first morning in Calella de Parafrugell:


Happy chicas with Calella de Parafrugell in background:


Lisa and Meg and Judy investigate book sculpture on coast trail:


Prickly pear overlooking the sea:


GR 92:




Medieval tower:


View up the coast from tower:


Markings of GR 92


Fisherman preparing his boat for night of fishing:


Breakfast buffet wouldn’t be complete without red or white wine options:IMG_3348

The next photos are from Mary’s walk on GR 92 north from Calella:




Meg and Judy get final dose of sun and sea before heading back to cold London:


Bobbing heads prove “El mar es fantastico!”


© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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