Cats, Candy, Carols

As our readers know, there is one, and only one corner that matters in Barcelona, and that is our corner. The corner was busy today with cats, candy, and carolers.

Pop-Up Promises But Doesn’t Deliver

Wondering what happened to that excellent Portuguese restaurant? It’s now a “Botiga Pop-up” according to the sign. Boutique or Bodega? You decide. For a short time only, until 15 Gener, Gracia shoppers can browse the overly white counters for candy at Çukor. (pronounced: STHu-Curr). Shout it out in Catalan for Christmas.


Note that Cukor is closed for siesta.

The pastel, powder-coated dice-sized pieces tempted our intrepid reporter, also known as Mary. She taste-tested the artisanal offerings that the owner helpfully displayed on a silver tray by the sidewalk.


Algunas marshmallows estan faltas. (Some marshmallows are missing)

Alas, the candy tasted much like extra-soft Kraft Miniature Marshmallows.  The reporter’s sweet tooth remained unsatisfied.

Las Chicas love a good pop-up, and more research was conducted this evening in order to accurately describe this holiday entrepreneurial adventure. Mary found candy-as-art in attractive and disturbing versions.


Attractive candy art inside glass case, for security.


Attractive candy art.


Disturbing candy art.

Then the sales person/possible owner encouraged her to try a piece of some kind of fruit flavored gumdrop-like object with sparkling confection. It was good. Still more research is needed, so she will test the chocolate lollipops in the near future.

Balcony Cats Enjoy Two Minutes of Sunshine

As soon as our photographer (Mary) went onto the terrace (microbalcony), the top floor cat popped out of the wooden shutters, demanding his time in the lens. Our photographer obliged, for the black cat on the top floor is a rare sighting indeed. His litterbox, however, is always on his balcony, thoughtfully shielded for privacy by a small potted plant.


I am the Top Cat.

Meanwhile, third floor cats did their usual dance of passive aggressive avoidance when the small black cat had to chase an insect.


Little Black spies a flying insect. Note festive tree.


Big Orange  dislikes being photographed.

The insect flew to the other side of Big Orange, and Little Black had to scurry by. Big Orange could not care less about Little Black as she briefly blocked the two minutes of sunshine that all felines were soaking in.


Big Orange stares down photographer. Little Black stares at insect on plant.


Little Black stares more intensively at insect.

Songs for Lifting Holiday Spirits

The evening ended (but is just beginning, really, for Spaniards and Catalans) with lovely Christmas Carols on the Corner as seen in this video, click on “Corner Carolers”:

Corner Carolers from Mary Reynolds on Vimeo.

Hope your holiday season is happy!

© 2013 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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