Jack and the Beanstalk Meets Mardi Gras


Today is St. Medir Day in Barcelona! Gracia celebrates with parades throughout the day and fireworks tonight. St. Medir is the patron saint of farmers in Catalunya. Long ago, in 303 A.D., Catalunya was part of the Roman empire. Medir, the brave bean farmer, did not deny he was a Christian to Roman soldiers even though he knew he would be killed. As soon as he told the Romans his truth, the beans he planted that very morning sprouted and grew to full size! The Romans found this to be suspicious.

They took Medir away and killed him and his Bishop. The Chapel and Hermitage of St. Medir became a place of pilgrimage in the 19th century. God healed a local resident of  Gracia, and to celebrate his pilgrimage, he banged his drum and gave sweets to all the children he met. [Later in the 21st century, like about 3 months ago, the Fountain of St. Medir became a place for Mary to quench her thirst on a mountain bike ride.]

The people of Gracia and the rest of Barcelona celebrate St. Medir Day by giving kids the day off from school so they can hang out in the streets and receive candy thrown from horses, horse drawn carts, and flatbed trucks. Bands and drum corps join in the parades with much merry-making.

Video del dia:

StMedir2014 from Mary Reynolds on Vimeo.

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