A tribute to my colleague and friend, Josh Stone. You are missed.

Today was a different kind of day at work as we learned the news about Josh Stone.  Josh, you left us so suddenly but your kind soul remains in the hearts of many here and back home in the U.S.

Josh, who spent his 27th birthday on Monday home sick, didn’t get to enjoy the planned birthday dinner for that evening. I wished you happy birthday on Facebook, and here is a bit more of a celebration of you.

Thanks for being a role model for me, for taking to the risk to move to Barcelona alone, for staying true to your dream of teaching, and always finding something to explore or enjoy. Despite the setbacks, the challenges you faced, you persevered. Honestly I don’t think I would have noticed the gifts you gave to me, if it wasn’t for your sudden departure. I will miss those brief chats in the work room and walks to the train.  But most importantly, thanks for inspiring me to be a better person–kinder, more patient, more generous with my time and friendship.

Here’s how I will remember Josh Stone (photos from his Facebook page):


…with a caption of, “Elephant in the Room” “Ready for Carnival…”


…and earlier with his 4th and 5th grade teammates, disguised as weather for Halloween…


…food was often a theme, like the day he finally found bagels in Barcelona…


…and his first crepes and espresso in the Born…


… Josh loved his family (here with mom and dad) and friends.

Thanks Josh.

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