Rome Bike Tour

Beginning our time in Rome with a sunny Sunday bike tour, Las Chicas pedal past ancient ruins, smoking Centurions, gelato shops, famous piazzas and fountains, over bridges old and new, and rumble along cobblestone streets.

Lisa listens carefully to our guide Federico talk about how The Colosseum is not really the correct name for this structure.


A time-traveling Centurion enjoys a cigarette before assaulting tourists for photo ops near Trajan’s Column:


Trajan’s Forum, the most recent of the three Forums, remains the most intact:  Trajan'sForum

Las Chicas continue on the tour, avoiding the Tiber River bike path pictured below. We stuck to the bridges…IMG_4033

… and the hills.View of the Roman Forum from top of Capitoline Hill:


Lisa thanks Neptune for his oceans, seas and the Trevi Fountain:


Trevi Fountain side view:


Pantheon Portico. A study in Corinthian columns made from single pieces of marble and Roman brickwork of the main temple:


Another view of Pantheon, converted from a place to worship many gods to a place to worship one god: the Virgin Mary. By converting it to the Church of St. Mary and the Martyrs, early Christians saved this Roman Temple from being dismantled (like many of ancient Roman structures) and re-used for private palaces and assorted buildings in Vatican City:


At the piazza in front of the Pantheon, a street musician also traveled here by bike:IMG_4013

We continue on past the theater of Marcus Aurelius…


… and onto Piazza Novona. Our guide tells of us a slight squabble between the architect of Piazza Novona and the Four Rivers fountain (Bernini), and the architect of a church (Borromini) facing the piazza.  Nile, one of the Four Rivers figures says, “Your church is so hideous, I must shield my eyes”:


Las Chicas follow Federico’s recommendation to explore nearby streets on foot. They find a neighborhood spot with delicious fresh salads and sandwiches. Thus revived, they return to Trastevere on foot,  enjoying repeat views of iconic Roman monuments.

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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