Orvieto: Duomo in a Medieval Hill Town

Orvieto is famous for its Duomo and Etruscan ruins, Las Chicas spent three days exploring this Umbrian Hill Town.

The Duomo’s facade glistens with gold mosaics and amazing twisted and tiled columns. Mosaics include the Crowning of the Virgin Mary at the top of the facade, and the Creation of Eve sculpted into the wall. By using both dark basalt and light travertine, the cathedral is striped outside and inside. Inside, one chapel is covered by Signorelli’s vision of purgatory, said to have inspired Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel vision of same.


IMG_4157_2 IMG_4154_2

God pulls Eve from Adam’s side.


Crowning of the Virgin Mary


Duomo facade.



Mary is small beneath the mighty Duomo.


Lisa’s striped hat is no match for striped Duomo.

We visit the museum of Etruscan art and artifacts:


Power woman of the Etruscan era.

The narrow cobbled streets, occasionally crowned by arches, wind through town.


It’s carnival time, so confetti decorates the cobbles.


Typical Orvieto street.

On our tour of the caves beneath Orvieto, our guide shows us dove cotes, stone presses and mills for olive oil, cisterns and wells.


Tank used for making olive oil


Dovecote, doves next in boxes and fly out window to feed themselves. Then people feed on them.


Well, it’s a deep subject.

We enjoy views from the road that encircled the top of the town, and views of the Etruscan necropolis from the path that encircled the town below the walls.


Upper road.


Eagle guarding a gate to the town.



Etruscan necropolis.

We climbed to the top of the town’s clock tower for views of the surrounding countryside.


View from clock tower.

Excellent food and glasses of Orvieto classico, its famous white wine, made us happy and relaxed in the Italian countryside.

Link for additional images of Orvieto, click on small pictures to enlarge and see captions:


© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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