Mallorca: bike and beach

For Semana Santa, Las Chicas join hundreds of other cyclists from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Britain for a few days of cycling on Mallorca. The town of Alcúdia caters to cycling teams, triathlon teams and families; the perfect location for our spring break getaway.

We rent road bikes and spend four days riding along the coast and inland on rolling hills through small farms and small towns.

On Day one, we check out the coast road and discover a lovely beach path/board walk with stunning views of the Bay of Alcúdia, and the many shades of blue and green:



Closer to our apartment, the bay view along the beach includes the Port of Alcúdia:


Our Italian bikes are named Guido:


Lisa rides from the coast to the interior. We average 50 – 60 km a day:


Each time we ride, we see groups of cyclists of many abilities on many types of bikes–from hybrid recreational bike riders to super fast triathletes. On our first day we encounter a group of hand cyclists.  Recreational group in the countryside:


Brilliant poppies, fields of daisies, Bougainvillea and other flowers line the roads:


We pass by overgrown fields in front of old farm houses,


and old windmills.


Some of our most delightful rides include “Ecovies”–narrow roads through fields and orchards bounded by stone walls. The scent of orange blossoms fills the air. We purchase delicious island oranges for snacks.

Ecovies map and sign posts help us navigate the countryside:



Lisa rides along an Ecovie next to a field of goats and sheep and snaps a photo of baby goats grazing:



We make our way to the main square in the town of Muro and its Cathedral where Mary waits, asks for directions, and Lisa takes pictures:




On the way out of Muro, we stop at a scenic overlook:


We head downhill, across a small valley and up this hill marked with white posts:


Another day, on another Ecovie, we take in more beautiful farm and mountain views:

IMG_2662 IMG_2667 IMG_2669

And most days, we eat lunch by the sea:



After rolling along a boardwalk, we land at Playa Muro, located within the boundaries of the Parc Natural de S’Albufera:


Our last night, we eat sumptuous fish dinners at Posidonia near the Port, on the terrace with a view of the boats:


The next day, before our evening departure, we return to the beach, doze and gaze at the sea, splash briefly in the water and listen to the waves.

On Friday, back home by the sea in Barcelona, we ride Bicing bikes down to the beach. Lisa boldly dips her feet in the sea and Las Chicas enjoy the sound of small waves hitting the sand:


So great to live by the Mediterranean Sea!

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.




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