Amsterdam by boat and foot

Las Chicas traveled to Amsterdam for work and play.

On Saturday, we joined the throngs of turistas in the Centrum (central part) of the city. We went on a canal boat cruise past modern buildings on the main harbor and on narrow canals through the old parts of the city.



Typical canal bridge.


Canal bridges view.


Historic spice trade ship has been rebuilt.


One of many houseboats docked along canals.


Houseboat in foreground. Can you spot the house that is one window wide?


Bikes on a canal bridge seen through the boat’s skylight.


Clog boat!


Assorted gable styles.



Bike parking deck–three levels on the canal near the train station.


Famous bridge featured in Dutch paintings.


Lots of locals out boating on a warm summer day.


Some cars and trucks among the boats and bikes.


North church tower.

After our boat tour, we took a self-guided walking tour via podcast through the Jordaan (yor-dahn) neighborhood. Used to be working-class, now it’s slightly high-falutin’. Lovely flowers and garden courtyards for locals and tourists to enjoy.

image image


Tile entrance, fountain and courtyard of “pensioneer” housing paid for by churches for selected seniors in their congregations. Pretends to be charity, but isn’t really. Open to public during most of the day. Nice benches.


Bike parking on a canal barge.



At the local vegetarian restaurant, three dogs joined in. Two came with diners and one belonged to the chef.

Monday was museum day for us and we hit the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. No photos allowed in Van Gogh museum. Fantastic collection of his work showing influences from other artists and how he developed his unique style. Powerful, timeless work. We also visited the newly renovated Rijksmuseum and saw old and new Dutch art.


Bike route goes through the Rijksmuseum.


“Art is Therapy” sign on the outside, special tour and informational signs inside.

Amazing how close we could get to Rembrandt’s Night Watch, we almost felt as if we were a part of the painting.

image image

We checked out the floor of modern art too.


Womb Tomb

After a tough day of art appreciation, we relaxed in the garden of the museum, and watched kids and parents playing in a surround-yourself sort of fountain. You time the water flow and run inside the fountain, then it springs up around you and you are inside the fountain! Lisa thought this looked like fun, so she went inside. Oops! Mistimed it, and got her pants wet.


Inside the fountain, note Calder moving sculpture in the background.


Inside the fountain.


Left leg wet, right leg dry.

We were amazed at how much light there is, late into the evening.


 This is about 10 pm, the light still reflecting off  the water surface of a canal.

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.






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