Amsterdam Bikes and Parks

Lisa visited the Amsterdam International School to check out its technology program and see what might be useful for her International School in Barcelona. Mary spent the day walking in the neighborhoods around Museumplein and Vondelpark.



Bakfiets bike for cargo and kids in front of the Rijksmuseum. Fiet = bike in Dutch.


Detail of Rijksmuseum exterior.

I soaked in the green of assorted parks and pleins (plazas that are actually green with grass).


People sunning themselves on the lawn that is the roof of an underground supermarket. Behind is the museum of modern art.


Netherlands-provided charger station, 1 vandalized, 3 operational.IMG_4789

Animals that are eaten in the Netherlands. This was in the Museumplein–part of 20 panels displaying the life of factory farms: rabbits, chickens, cows, etc.


Lots of people biked to Vondelpark.


Kids on top of Iamsterdam sculpture.


Church tower by Vondelpark.


Ducks and heron.


Great blue heron.

Together again, Las Chicas join in a bike tour to explore the city in their favorite mode of transportation.


Getting ready to roll on our cruiser bikes.


Mike, our tour guide, wore snakeskin high-heeled boots to pedal.


Las Chicas pose by the “m.”


Multatuli was the first person to speak out against slavery in spice trade that was highly profitable for the capitalists of Amsterdam.


Blue and yellow bikes are part of the city’s bike share system, but there are only 14 stations.

Because everyone has their own bike already!


Bike rack and Silk Road Expedition advertisement from local museum.


We did not ride wooden bikes.


This cat did not ride a bike.

On our train to the airport, we rode with a few bikes. Some owners diligently locked the bikes, even though they were seated next to them.


Rosie the Riveter and Bike Power!


© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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