Copenhagen: Designmuseum Danmark

Another of Copenhagen’s gems, the Designmuseum is a pleasure to visit on a cool, rainy day. The museum featured an exhibit by Hans Wegner, a quintessential designer who created the “Round Chair” which became famous in the US as “The Chair”.


Over the course of his career, Wegner  created over 500 chairs. Although credited with such a large collection, Wegner viewed himself as a craftsman instead of a designer.

Wegner’s exhibit fills a good portion of the museum and certainly is enough to satisfy Las Chicas, despite taking a quick spin through some of the other interesting exhibits such as Utopias and Reality, and Cupboards, Cabinets and Chests. Wegner was contemporaries with Arne Jacobsen (with whom he worked) and Eames. The museum includes some of Jacobsen’s work in the Wegner exhibit, which helped to frame that period in design history.

We walk through rooms and rooms of chairs, many with creative names,


…like the Ox Chair


Wegner in his Ox Chair, courtesy of Designmuseum webpage


and the Wishbone Chair.

Some chairs are more circumspect, based on chairs of earlier designs,


Chinese chair, modeled after


Chinese chair from the 1800s

And some are more whimsical:


Flag Halyard Chair


Heart Chair that fits perfectly around a table.

Another fun feature is the opportunity to sample the chairs



Despite his fame for designing chairs, Wegman also designed assorted furniture


Crocodile cabinet


Fish Cabinet



Ceiling light fixture possibly named “The Pendant Lamp”

All in all, a delightful day of design inspiration topped off with a lovely lunch at the museum’s Klint Cafe. The Designmuseum is certainly one of Copenhagen’s design jewels.

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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