Sweden: Stockholm sights

Las Chicas decide to use the CityBike bike share system to see the sights of Stockholm. Unfortunately, there are no bikes available near our apartment, nor near the central train station. So we meander and walk around the royal and political centers of Stockholm. We see lots of public art from Venus Fly Trap photos in the subway to sculptures on the water front.




 “Rag and Bone” by Laura Ford

The people of Stockholm voted to put this statue next to Parliament. The homeless fox reminds Stockholm’s politicians that there are still improvements to make in the Swedish welfare society.

We see the  brass logo bike lane and yarny bikes, but we still aren’t riding!



Stockholm is an archipelago with water everywhere and lovely views.

image image

We visit the Nobel Prize Museum which has great displays of award-winners throughout history. In one section, prize winners donated objects meaningful to them. Of course, there’s a bike! It was related to healthcare workers in Africa. After absorbing the brilliance, courage, dedication and determination of Nobel Prize winners, we feel like we should be doing more to improve the world.

image image

We also see a guard ceremony and band at the Royal Palace:


We wander back to the shopping district in search of bikes and are mysteriously drawn to a shoe store. This is Lisa’s favorite type of store.


At the shoe shop, Mary decides against purchasing these.

Still no bikes in downtown Stockholm, so we return by train to the apartment. And there are bikes in our local rack! After a brief stop to the apartment to check in on the Tour de France, we take our CityBikes down to the waterfront path and ride to Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography. It is worth braving ferry traffic and cruise ship docks, and closed bike racks at a busy train station to reach this fantastic place.

We focus on the Genesis exhibit, by Sebastiao Salgado–photos from beautiful and brutal places around the world. A couple samples from Salgado’s webpage:

image image

Afterwards, we sit on a bench and watch the sun set over the steeples and domes of Stockholm. Nearby, a gigantic head rests among the empty tables previously crammed with jazz fans at the museum café.


On our ride home, we see banners for a bike exhibit at the design museum and an almost-full moon:


Now we know where we will see more bikes tomorrow!

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds (except for Salgado photos). All rights reserved.


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