Return to Mallorca

La Diada is September 11, National Day of Catalunya. This four-day weekend for Lisa gives Las Chicas time to celebrate Mary’s birthday early in Mallorca. We explore the Alcudia area by bike in the mornings and enjoy the beach in the afternoons.

An early morning start brings us cool weather and beautiful skies.

imagePeaceful canal leads out to the sea at sunrise.

We ride on Ecovies, rural farm roads with little car traffic.


imageWe see windmills that look like they just might work if the breeze started to blow.

We take breaks to dip our feet in the cool water of the Mediterranean Sea.

.image image

One morning, we ride together to Port de Pollenca. Then Mary heads for Cap de Formentor, and Lisa rides to explore the countryside near Alcudia.

imageMary stops to ponder Cap de Formentor.

imageMallorca installs big sculptures on its traffic circles.

imageAn egret fishes in the wetlands along the coast.

imageIn Alcudia, part of the town is built behind this Medieval wall.

imageLisa photographs goats on a farm along an ecovie.

imageMary photographs a wild goat at the Cap de Formentor lighthouse.

imageSea view from the heights of Cap de Formentor.

For Mary’s musings on the goats of Cap de Formentor, check out her guest blog post here:

Our last night in Mallorca, we must have a birthday dinner. We return to our favorite restaurant Posidonia for terrace dining.

imageMary inhales her birthday tiramisu.

© 2014 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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