Travel to Naxos: Relaxing by the Sea

Las Chicas reach Naxos, Greece, by ferry from Piraeus. We’re just in time for restaurants and hotels to open for the spring season! We stay at a great studio with two balconies overlooking the sea.


Our place is on the seaside edge of white buildings on the left.

One balcony also overlooks the construction site next door, but the stone cutting and power washing is mostly finished after the first late night.


Beach closest to us and our hill neighborhood.

Mary, overly optimistic, decides to go for a swim from the pebbly beach closest to our studio. After two minutes and approximately 12 free-style swim strokes, Mary gets out. The air temperature is not quite warm enough to counteract the frigid water temperature. We soak in the view of the entrance to Apollo’s temple on the point across the bay.


White marble square on the distant point is Apollo’s Temple.

We walk on the causeway to Apollo’s Temple, the Aegean Sea sparkles blue and green.image image image

We explore the old part of town called Burgos. On this hill, the Venetians had their church and mansions in the 1200s. We found a feline guide who joins us in exploring the pedestrian passages on the hill. Some buildings have been preserved, some have not.





IMG_6024 IMG_6023 IMG_6019





Amid the Venetian-era stone rubble and white-washed plaster, spring blooms:


The sea is rarely out of view:


We eat fantastic seafood: Shrimp saganaki, grilled dorado, mussels, tzatziki (yogurt garlic cucumber dip),  horta (wild greens), and massive Naxos/Greek salads.  Restaurants treat us to a standard complimentary dessert made of apple, honey, nuts, and filo and small potent glasses of Kitron, a dangerously drinkable citron liquor.


Kitron (right) and candle which Mary knocked over due to Kitron consumption.

In between, there are many samples of baklava, iced cappuccino, and tiropita (cheese filo pastry) for snacks.

On our last day, we walk to a sheltered sandy beach and wade again into the cold water.  We see a hearty young Russian man swimming,  then a leather-skinned man in tropical swim trunks gets in and swims across the small cove. This time, we don’t bother to plunge, wading is refreshingly cold enough. Instead, we doze on the beach, listening to the sea lap against the sand. It’s a perfect final afternoon on the Aegean Sea.

© 2015 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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