Irish Roots: Connemara and Longford

We drive from Dingle to Connemara on the Wild Atlantic Way, following the west coast of Ireland. We cross into County Clare on the ferry, then head on an inland road where we take a break at a poet’s retreat.


Ferry ride in the sunshine!


W.B. Yeats Tower, his home is behind it.


W.B. Yeats words.

We continue to the Connemara area and our B&B in Rossroe, where we are treated to another delicious fresh fish dinner and peaceful evening.

Scenes from our walk along the water near Rossroe, note yellow seaweed visible in low tide.


Pile of peat bricks (turf) drying by the side of the road.


Sheep dots indicate vaccination, lambing, gender or something elseIMG_3630

Seaweed and ocean inlet.

IMG_3617 IMG_3616

We are in the Connemara region of sheep, barren and beautiful boglands, and peaks surrounding lakes and fjords.

The next morning, we’re back on the coast road to Westport, a quaint town of useful bakeries and organic food stores.


Fjord with oyster farms, en route to Westport.


Lisa excelled at left side,  cross-country driving behind farm vehicles to County Longford, birthplace of Mary’s grandparents.  After getting directions from the Drumlish post office, Aiden Keogh, and the owner of our B&B, we made our way to the Keogh farm.  Keogh is my grandmother’s maiden name.

We met Aiden and his brother Danny, then trekked uphill from Aiden’s house to “the old home place.”


Aiden, Mary, Danny in front of the Keogh farm house.

This is the farm where Danny and Aiden and their brothers and sisters grew up, and the place where their grandfather and my grandfather grew up among 10 other siblings.  Danny and Aiden’s father was my dad’s cousin.

Next we visited Rena Maguire and also met her son Seamus. Rena, also a Keogh, is my father’s cousin. She told funny stories about her cat Brandy and dog Susie and assorted neighbors. Rena’s son owns Maguire’s Pub in Westside, New York, please visit if you are in the area.


Seamus, Mary, Rena, Danny

On our way out of town, we stopped by Danny’s house to meet his sons who had participated in some type of Mud Run promotional video in the morning, but obviously showered before we met them.


Daniel, Mary, Danny, and Ronan




Adien’s house seen from The Old Home Place


Cows from the neighbor’s farm.


Danny, Mary, and Aiden


Aiden’s house and soccer and Irish Football kids’ training equipment.IMG_3721

A neighbor has alpacas along with sheep.

It was a great day among the Keogh clan, and a fantastic way to spend our final day in Ireland.

© 2015 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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