An Afternoon with Dalí: Visiting Cadaqués and Port Lligat

We travel from the medieval town of Girona to Cadaques and Port Lligat, a short distance away, to visit Dalí’s home.  The house is situated overlooking a picturesque cove, in an old fishing village.


Dalí built his house by combining  several small fishing cottages. We have a little time to check out the surrounding area, as we wait for our timed entrance.



It seems as though we enter another existence when visiting the past of Salvador Dalí. Immediately inside the foyer we are greeted by a large stuffed bear adorned with massive amounts of jewelry, a stuffed owl and other accessories. Throughout the house there are numerous other stuffed animals, not a friendly place for today’s vegan.


Every inch of the house is intriguing, and reportedly remains exactly as Dalí left it in 1982. Our guide shares basic information about Dalí, the house and history, and mostly gives us time to explore rooms and nooks.

Every corner is stocked with visual images and creations that the stir the mind. Some items seem to be randomly placed and others with great intent.

img_3357 img_3329

Dalí spent 50 years here with his wife Gala, who appears throughout the house in art and photos.


The light is not always cooperative in capturing the vast collections throughout the house. It seems much of his life story is right in front of you.  It requires restraint to continue moving through the tour while digesting the gems in every corner.

img_3407 img_3408

The dressing area is particularly engaging, covered with photos and magazine clippings that show the many famous people Dalí encountered throughout his life.


The contrast from Ed Sullivan to the Pope is amusing. But the limited time makes it difficult to capture it all.

img_3411 img_3410 img_3414

His studio highlights the sharp contrast between the surrounding environment and his art. Throughout the house one glimpses the perfect tranquility outside. The views from the windows appear as a painting. Yet the house itself contains a sort of managed chaos, and none of Dalí’s art reflect the peace surrounding him here.


We are cautioned to not use flash photography of the two original paintings in his studio, but get a few shots of copies of the originals.

img_3365 img_3369

The house if full of paraphernalia and endless gadgets and trinkets, but only the two original works of art reside here. The rest are scattered throughout the world in museums.

img_3384 img_3388 img_3393 img_3395

The grounds of the complex continue the surrealist decor and design,


from the altar-like area with the May West couch surrounded by Pirelli tire signs,


to the placement of large egg sculptures. Dalí revered symbols, and the egg was one he favored. Representing the contrast with the hard shell and the soft inner core, the egg is present is a wide range of his art.

img_3474 img_3480

Even the “Michelin man” makes an appearance.


In the last corner of the grounds we find this recycled art piece in the shape of a person,


placed in a grove overlooking the water.  The endless contrast that provokes the mind, and perhaps reflects the core of Dalí and his art.


© 2017 by Lisa Howells and Mary Reynolds. All rights reserved.


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